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Soulful Show 18-01-2018

LLorca – All right (S3a remix)
COEO – 1981
Atish Bengal (SF) – Sun Salute
Bonj – Marseille
DJ Violette – Coming Together
Discouraged Ones – Hold Your Ground (Funky souls)
City Soul Project – Love 2 Dance (Ryan Briggs 2017 Re Edit)
J Paul Getto Lee Wilson – I’m Going Out (extended mix)
Tommyboy – The Beginning (SF Mix)
Robosonic – Icke Und Sie
Adri Block Kaippa – Inner City Funk (Clubmix)
Guri – I Can’t Back
Klevakeys Liz Jai – Lifetime
Austins Groove – For You
Funkatron – Second Choice

Dj Dé La Nouit 26-05-2015


Here is a conceptual mixshow with songs really deep and soul great if your looking to be relaxed in your bed or in your car coming back from a party.
Dj Dé La Nouit was on waves on Univers DJ Debut back in 2001… Hope you will enjoy. I will do certainly other mixes like this in the next months.

Elements Of Life – Berimbau
Elements Of Life – Children Of The World
Alicia Myers – Right Here Right Now (Hallelujah Anyway)
Young Pulse – Got To Be A Shame
Session Victim – Hey Stranger
Martello – I Want You (Original Mix)
Jennifer Lara I Am in Love – Feel About U (Disco Tech Edit)
Devin Dare – Alright
Sonya Spence – Let Love Flow On
Osamu Fukuzawa – Up All Night
Rick Wade – Sweet Life
Frederick – What Can I Be
David Harness – Soaring Over Brazil

New Season 2008-2009

We are now starting a new season in really bad economical days (here in France). People don’t have money, clubs are closing one by one… Bad commercial music is unfortunaly always there… Fm Radios have never had so bad taste… But, we will Univers DJ and my friends from Groove Session, House Dancers and others continue to defend the thing called house in the way it was in the 90’s… Really Eclectic !

Not only boom boom, but a good selection of music coming also from others genres that we enjoy like hip hop, reggae, soul, rock, salsa… Just to have fun !

So, I am really optimistic for monthes to come. I think that people will always dance, but not in the same places. In bars, hostels, small concert halls, garden, showers…

Here are some photos that give me some hope for the future :
Luv Music @ Djoon Club the 12th of setember with Orel and Fuki
The 5 Beats @ Rex Club the 13th of september with Franck Roger / Quentin Harris / Dj Rame

Don’t forget to support your Djs and your local parties ! House music is you, me, trees, bees… And if we want something, we must do it ourselves. No one has never and will never help us…

That Soulful Show : not as regular as always

Hello !

For more than 2 years, That Soulful Show was freely available for my radios partners. I would like to thank them to have put this music on their waves.

Now, That Soulful Show won’t be as regular as past two years. Some new projects and some little health problems compel myself to slow down.

But I will still be there broadcasting shows with (if not a live show) an enhanced Podcast giving you the ability to have into your Itunes player or your Ipod all covers and sometimes links to buy songs.

I will also try to give more contents with photos / videos from parties.


Happy New Year !

Happy New Year

Dear readers,

Have a fantastic, wonderful, soulful, happy new year 2008 ! May your wishes come true !

As you know, I am not too talkative in my blog, but holidays’ time is a good time to take some new resolutions, I will try to give you and you could also give me a hand to notice what’s new and what’s good in our soulful house community.

I am the President of a french soulful house community called Univers DJ. I think I will use some informations on this website and give my personal point of view about all the events, new songs, artists and so ane. This way, you will know more about myself.

I want to thank all the artists producing this great music, all my loyal listeners and visitors. I also like to thank all the people (my family, artists, labels, radios, friends, clubs, bars, hardware and songs shops, dj software companies) who help me to spread this positive music to the world.

Some new projects are on the way (new parties in some nice concert hall with big sound system), more radio maintenance (Groove Session , RMS, Station Portail, …), next Soulful Meeting @ La Vague with some great friends Djs from France and perhaps from Baltimore or NY… Stay tune, I’m working on it.

So, I think 2008 will be a great year for Soulful Music. Spreading this sound is an incredible challenge and give me the oportunity to meet incredible nice people : some new friends thinking the way I think.

So, as a present and to start this year really smooth, I post this live mixshow I have made on Groove Session Radio the 31st of december. A kind of tribute to Yoruba with great Djs producer I love like Osunlade, Boddhi Satva, Abicah Soul, Casamena, Karizma… I hope they will keep and increase this good work. When I play this kind of music, people forget all their worries and let themselves be carried by the rhythm of percussions.

Peace, much love xxx