New Season 2008-2009

We are now starting a new season in really bad economical days (here in France). People don’t have money, clubs are closing one by one… Bad commercial music is unfortunaly always there… Fm Radios have never had so bad taste… But, we will Univers DJ and my friends from Groove Session, House Dancers and others continue to defend the thing called house in the way it was in the 90’s… Really Eclectic !

Not only boom boom, but a good selection of music coming also from others genres that we enjoy like hip hop, reggae, soul, rock, salsa… Just to have fun !

So, I am really optimistic for monthes to come. I think that people will always dance, but not in the same places. In bars, hostels, small concert halls, garden, showers…

Here are some photos that give me some hope for the future :
Luv Music @ Djoon Club the 12th of setember with Orel and Fuki
The 5 Beats @ Rex Club the 13th of september with Franck Roger / Quentin Harris / Dj Rame

Don’t forget to support your Djs and your local parties ! House music is you, me, trees, bees… And if we want something, we must do it ourselves. No one has never and will never help us…

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