Biography : Eric aka TuXxL

Eric also called TuXxL is living in south of France in a small town called Salon de Provence. It is a nice place for living, not far away from Marseille.

He’s working for the french government as a computer engineer. Out of the work, he is Djaying as a hobby (since 1987) playing Deep and Soulful house (because it rocks !)
He is also President and webmaster of a french soulful house community called Univers DJ wich is trying to promote soulful house the best as they can on with Djs, parties promoter, labels, records shops, hardware shops and soane… This website created in 2001 is the only french portal talking about soulful house.

Univers DJ

He is managing several webradios as a technical consultant (Univers DJ).
That Soulful Show is available on several FM, webradios and socials medias.

It is really pleasant to play and to meet all friends making this music all around the web and also in real life in clubs, but also in festivals like ‘Le Soulful Meeting’ or ‘Sunslice’ where Eric take place into the organisation.

Soulful house is not as popular as bad commercial house from majors companies, but “Let’s have a dream, that one day, world will be as soulful as in our houses !”
So playing into a club or for radios is always a great pleasure for TuXxL in making people discover what they are not listening usually…

9 thoughts on “Biography : Eric aka TuXxL”

  1. just wanted to say keep it up brother TuXxl, you are doing your thing man!
    House is not only about the music but it’s a lifestyle, peace da JolliRocka

  2. just a quick word to say keep on doing what your doing TuXxL, there are many dj that claim to play “soulful, vocal” house music but when you hear them in the clubs they play anything but that, you on the other hand are a “true” soulful house dj, and for that i admire you greatly. Keep up the excellent work.
    phil (a true lover of soulful house)

  3. Hi Phil !

    Thank you for your words 😉
    I’m working hard to make this kind of music a little more popular.

    I hope that one day soulful house will be as popular as it should be…


  4. Hey TuXxl,
    My man I have been checking out your page and mixes for a long time now. Don’t know why it took me so long to post a comment, LOL “better late then never” I really dig your work and would like to give u my msn address if you want to hit me up!


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