The reasons why I left social media (English version)

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If you’re reading this post, it’s either because you intend to unsubscribe or because you’re curious about the reasons behind my departure from social media.

Let’s briefly recap what these platforms were originally meant for during their inception: In the realm of technology, a social network serves as a platform to connect diverse individuals and facilitate discussions on specific topics. In a way, social networks trace their origins back to early Internet forums, discussion groups, and chat rooms.

Until the COVID era, these services allowed people to engage with family, friends, and affinity groups. However, since 2023, social networks have taken a different trajectory, emphasizing uninteresting or sponsored content. The social aspect has all but disappeared, leaving only commercial interests at the forefront. We find ourselves inundated with irrelevant information that lowers the overall quality. Even when we try to share something interesting with our community, our messages often go unnoticed or get deleted without notification.

Given that my time is precious and I don’t want to waste it, I’ve decided to delete my social media accounts. Those who wish to reach out can still email me at universdj at or leave a message on Hearthis.

The time I used to spend on social media will now be dedicated to improve the quality of my websites and exploring music production.


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