That Soulful Show : not as regular as always

Hello !

For more than 2 years, That Soulful Show was freely available for my radios partners. I would like to thank them to have put this music on their waves.

Now, That Soulful Show won’t be as regular as past two years. Some new projects and some little health problems compel myself to slow down.

But I will still be there broadcasting shows with (if not a live show) an enhanced Podcast giving you the ability to have into your Itunes player or your Ipod all covers and sometimes links to buy songs.

I will also try to give more contents with photos / videos from parties.


5 thoughts on “That Soulful Show : not as regular as always”

  1. I think I will do something once a week, but not on saturdays as usual. Or perhaps every two weeks is I have not any time.

    Certainly I will do post more live shows.

  2. Eric,

    Understanding your thoughts and all the best with your health. Time contraints are well-known issues. How to keep all the balls in the “air”. Will definately miss the frequency of your shows. It was very much appreciated. Even brought me and the lady closer in the “fastlane” years with two kiddies. Saturday nights often was soulful show night here. Not out in the club, but at home with une bouteille du vin rouge. Merci pour toute.

    A bientot.

    A fan.

  3. Salut Tuxxl,
    Combat tes little health problems et fais gaffe a ta santé 😉
    Merci pour tous…

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