Biography : Jovonn


In 1990, JoVonn exploded on to the Dance scene with his second release, “Turn and Runaway” on Warner Bros. Records, which reached number 10 on the Billboard chart. Since then JoVonn has produced more than 200 records in the Dance, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Neosoul genres, but his true love is Dance music. To JoVonn, Dance music is more than just another genre. It is a feeling, an emotion, a passion. He compares its feeling to Gospel saying, “It’s spiritual”.

Some of JoVonn’s more recent Dance hits include “Old Man Groan”, “Jurassic House”, “Circle Dance”, “He’s More” (feat. Carolyn Harding), “Set It Off-Remix” (feat. Strafe), “Djoon” (on UK Basic), “Something About Dis Love” (feat. Carol Sylvian) & “Praise” (on WestEnd Records), “Don’t Waste Your Time” (feat. Stephanie Cook) & the “Spirit” album (on Track Mode) and countless others. He has had the opportunity to produce for some other greats such as Kenny Bobien, Toni Smith, and Sabrynaah Pope just to name a few. JoVonn is not only a master at producing Dance music; he also has many Hip-Hop, R&B and neosoul titles under his belt. Not to mention independent movie scores and soundtracks.

In addition to being an internationally renowned producer and club DJ, and while wearing his other hats as a singer, song writer and musician, JoVonn, founded his first Dance label, Goldtone Records, in the early 1990’s. His latest Dance record label ventures, NextMoov Records and NextMoov Traxx, are dedicated to bringing the deep, soulful Underground sound into the new millennium. JoVonn has accomplished this with his trademark gritty sounds, hard kicks, phat bass lines and jazzy chords. As for what’s on the horizon, keep an eye out for BaseRoom Entertainment, JoVonn’s Hip-Hop/R&B label.

A native of Brooklyn and current resident of Queens, JoVonn has been active in the music scene since the age of 10. Supported by his mother, a keyboard player; and father, a guitar/bass player, who were aspiring R&B singers; he was nurtured with a solid musical foundation. JoVonn began his ongoing career as a Hip-Hop DJ at the age of 14. He started out spinning records at block parties, and continues playing for birthday celebrations, proms and other social events. JoVonn was introduced to Dance music by hanging out in such Brooklyn clubs as Sapphires, Club Saturn, and Club Serene. In his later years, clubs such as the Loft, the Choice, Snobbusters, and Zanzibar, solidified his commitment to Dance music.

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