That Soulful Show Week 41 with Eric

To my grandma : 19th of january 1919 – 12th of october 2006

Playlist :
1. Grampa – I Loved You
2. Ten City – My peace of heaven (East West)
3. Ibadan’s DJ Tools vol 2 Sampler feat T Kolai – 9 11
4. Franck Roger feat. Mr. V – Come Back To Me (Original Mix)
5. T Kolai – The Most High
6. Rocco – Heartbeat (Latin Floor Mix)
7. Swalo – Save Me (Original Version)
8. Colonel Abrams – Just When You Thought (Vocal Original Mix)
9. Darshay Jenkins – Tears
10. Master Kev & David “Vibes” Tobon feat. John Crockett – Twisted
11. Jovonn – Theme From Jovonn (Rave-N-Soul)
12. Franck Roger – Raise ur hands


4 thoughts on “That Soulful Show Week 41 with Eric”

  1. bravo pour tout ce que tu fait pour le mouvement soulfull ca fait du bien d écouter tes set bonne continuation à toi +

  2. hello t kolai i love your production why i am listened this music in a set of tuxxl. I am a dj . do you can give me a mp3 of why? big up for your sound t kolai!!

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