Crazy & Chic @ Coco Bongo (Arles France)

Instrumental concept with Dj Quentin, Ralph Rostolan (Percussionist), Alex Abassi (Saxophonist) : playing house music with a musician touch !

Broadcasted live on Groovesession the 08th of june 2007 and now available on my podcast. Thanks to Sèb, his wife, Ralph, Alex and the Coco Bongo Staff for their cordial greetings ! You have done a nice work !


That Soulful Show Week 21


Club Shelter

1. Wayne Gardiner – I Refuse What You Want (Soft Ambient Mix)
2. KB – Feelin U (Yoruba Soul)
3. Todd Edwards – Fly Away (Fresh & Low Remix)
4. Argy – Tronic Jams (The Storm)
5. Kiko Navarro – Sonando Contigo (Kerri Chandler Remix)
6. Logic – The Flavor Of Love (Wayne’s Deep Core Mix)
7. Luisito Quintero – Aquilas Coisas Todas (Eol Mix)
8. Kenny Bobien & Stephanie Cooke – Hold On To Me (Benedetti Extended Mix)
9. Jennifer Hudson – We Are A Family (Blaze Roots Vocal Mix)
10. DJ Reeplee feat Kelly Moore – Reach (Original Mix)
11. Gordon Chambers – Never Fall In Love (Dj Spinna Remix)
12. Osunlade – I Don’t Know

That Soulful Show Week 20

1. Steal Vybe – Surface 2 The Arrival (Give Back)
2. George Davis – The George Davis EP (The Feather)
3. Logic – The Flavor Of Love (Dark Love Mix)
4. Gordon Chambers – Never Fall In Love (Dj Spinna Remix)
5. Backroom Congregation – Sunday Morning (DJ Spen Main Mix)
6. Malena P̩rez РChase the Butterflies (Kenny Dope Remix)
7. Robin Thicke – ??? (David Harness Rmx)
8. Jennifer Hudson – We Are A Family (Blaze Roots Vocal Mix)
9. EWF feat Dwele – That’s The Way Of The World (Quentin Harris Remix)
10. FTL pres. Char Delvaille – Love So Amazing (Original)
11. That’s the Way Love Is – Ten City (J. Sydenham & M. Nordgren Remix)
12. Robert Owens & DJ Spen – A Greater Love (12″ Mix)

Biography : Dj Theo


From France, Theo is an eclectic artist that has produced music since his debut as a club and radio dj in 1992. Since 1999, he has been releasing tracks on the french label Bazoline, with original lounge-oriented tracks as well as other collaborations and remixes.

In 2004, he released his electronica ep “souk” on the net label Kahvi collective, which gave him the idea of starting the Nuchoon collective since at the time there were not many internet labels for djs.

When it comes to music, Theo does it all. House, breaks, electro, lounge… His live act ( dex n fx ) is constantly blurring the line between the live act and the dj, playing a neverending collage of his own productions and the live remixing of other artist’s tracks.

More infos about Theo on the Nuchoon Website and on Myspace.

That Soulful Show Week 19 with Theo


01 – Björk “Big time sensuality” (Dom T dub)
02 – Eastmen “U dig”
03 – The spiritual experience “In the presence of angels”
04 – The believers “Who dares to believe in me”
05 – Daphné “When you love someone”
06 – Kerri Chandler “Track1” (Atmosphere ep)
07 – Groovebox “The more you want” (MAW mix)
08 – Mondo grosso “Souffles H” (MAW mix)
09 – Kahled “N’ssi n’ssi” (Dimitri mix)
10 – River ocean feat. India “Love and happiness” (Junior boys own mix)
11 – Sax machine “Love is the message”


That Soulful Show Week 18


1. Bernard Badie feat. Olandus – Imagine (Original Club Mix)
2. Unique – All I Need Is You Tonight
3. James Ratcliff & Tommy Blaize – Makin’ It with You (James Ratcliff Vocal)
4. Soul:ID – Believe (Will Reelsoul ReMix Vocal)
5. El B & T Featuring Leroy Burgess – Barely Breaking Even’ (David Harness Vocal Remix)
6. Tonya Renee – Off My Mind (Will Reel Soul Vocal Mix)
7. Malena Perez & Alix Alvarez – Confesion (Alix Alvarez Extended 12 Version)
8. Ananda Project – Fireworks (Roots Vocal Mix)
9. The Green Men – Blink (Main Mix)
10. White Lotus Society – Got It (Live Vocal)
11. Eman & Doc Link feat Malik Alston – Changing Faces (Doc Link’s Wild 100’s Mix)
12. The Reese Project – The Colour Of Love (Underground Resistance Club Mix)

That Soulful Show Week 17


1. Blaze – Moonwalk [Original Mix]
2. Rubycube – Franck Roger
3. Byron Stingly presents Le Juan – Piece of meat (Quentin Harris mix)
4. Cece Peniston – I’m Feeling You (Original Mix)
5. Vick Lavender feat. Carla Prathers – Respect Our Love (Respect Our Love)
6. Unique – Ron Carroll pres.Classic House Sounds Vol. 1 (All I Need Is You Tonight feat. Unique)
7. Kemal Feat Maiya – My Faith
8. Audio Soul Project – Community (Fish Go Deep Vocal Mix)
9. Abicah Soul Project – Jupiter (Mars Mix)
10. Franck Roger – The Spot
11. Pure Surprise – UPZ feat. DKP (Alex Senna’s Bring Back That Feeling Mix)
12. Blu Cantrell – Sleep In The Middle (Shelter Vocal)

That Soulful Show Week 16


1. Monday Michiru – Dont (Backyard Remix)
2. Franck Roger – The Spot
3. Yass ft LT Brown I’m free
4. Dj Spen & The MuthaFunkaz feat Ann Nesby – it’s so easy
5. El B & T Featuring Leroy Burgess – Barely Breaking Even
6. Bernard Badie feat. Olandus – Imagine (Original Club Mix)
7. Markus Enochson – Endless Dance (Karizma Remix Vox)
8. Nicolas Vautier & Rachel Claudio – Miscommunicate (Dom Mix)
9. Jihad Muhammad – No Way Back (Chi Town Mix)
10. Thommy Davis – I Wanna (12inch Vocal Mix)
11. H20 feat. Billie – Nobody’s Business (Main Vocal)

That Soulful Show Week 15

Pinup 15

1. Logic – The Warning (Inner Mix)
2. Janet – Take Care (Jersey Soul Remix)
3. Terisa Griffin – Sunshine (Terry Hunter Main Club Mix)
4. Sara Devine – Special (Soothing Sara Mix)
5. Ben Watt – Lone cat (Ferrer & Steve Martinez)
6. Trackheadz – His Kingdom
7. Nicolas Vautier & Rachel – Miscommunicate (Yass Rmx – Main)
8. Catalan FC + Sven L̦ve РReal Love
9. Jalal Johnson & Jb730 – Meeting of Minds EP (Time Again)
10. UPZ feat Silvinha – Mundo Infantil (UPZ’s Latin Excursion)
11. Herbie Hancock – Saturday Night (Beatconductor Disco Mix)

Profile : Dj Brutto


Dj Brutto

I was born and grew up in Rome but now I live in Israel.
I’m a Dj for many years now(15 or so…), I’ve played in lots of clubs here and there(Europe, Asia, Russia, Ibiza), together with big and small Dj’s…
It’s all good…

Currently, after an almost 7 years of residency at the Fetish Club (Tel-aviv) I’m focusing more on producing in my studio…
Dj is my real love, so I’m still playing in special occasions, and once a month at the Fetish Club (today Maxim). Life has been good to me…
I’m great-foul.

Feel free to listen (or download) my Dj sets.More infos on Dj Brutto’s Myspace.