Soulful House Show 2018-07-22

Dj Vivona – Worlds (Jazzuelle Darkside Mix)
Marcel Vogel ft Khalil Anthony – Brown Curls (Patchworks Remix)
Toilette – Le Bonheur
Jon Thomas Erick Fill Luyo – One Way Ticket (Soulful Mix)
Saison – Something Made Me (Werkshy Remix)
Kapote – Yeah Pass It
Pitto – You Treat Me Like a Fool
Melchior Sultana – Make It Work
Dwson – Rain
Klash Rivera – Here I Stand
Dj Vivona – Worlds (Jazzuelle Darkside Mix)
Stacy Kidd Jamie Lewis – I Will Survive (Jamie Lewis Suave Club Edit)
Seychelle Elise Folson Tyrone Payton – BLESSED (2 STEP MIX)
ISSA (US) Thea Austin – Sweet (ISSA Original Mix)
Aisling Iris Josh Grooves – Hey Lover (Josh Grooves Remix)
Mr V – Something Wit Jazz (Fer Ferrari Remix)

Soulful House Show Mid July 2018

Phil Weeks Ladybird – Mary Jane
Fka Mash – We Belong to the Night
Jus Tadi – Lift Me Up
Disco Dikc – Making Me Feel So High
Karizma – Just A Thing (Gianni Junior reFix)
Ovidio – Reflexiones (Unreleased David Harness 2018 ReRub)
Sabastian Mugg – Origins
Sabrina Joy Nathan Adams – Love Yourself (Sean McCabe Main Vocal Mix)
The Stoned – Escape From Chicago
Tommy Heron – She’s Left Me Again
DJ Dove – Illusions (NY Stomp Extended Tribute mix)
Karizma – Boy (Hugo LX Remix)
Martin Waslewski – Never Leave You
Alessio Cala Karla Brown – Love Did It
Anfunk – Jackin Rolling

Shs 2018-07-08

Black Loops – French Affair
Cohen – All The Times
Sebb Junior – Don’t Play That
Chris Stussy – Flow Distinction
DJ Mes – Da Change
DPR Magic Floor – Do U Know
Emilie Nana Simbad – Wild Sensations
Harry Romero – Revolution (Deep In Jersey Extended Mix)
Roman Rauch – Don’t Know (Intr0beatz Doesn’t Know Either Remix)
Soul Speech – Morning Light
HP Vince Dave Leatherman – Give It Up For Love (Jackin Mix)
John Julius Knight – Dance Party
Robert Owens Groove Assassin – Come Together (Main Mix)
Frits Wentink DJ Boring – Chad Brothers
Wookie Xavier – Do You Believe

Soulful House Show early June 2018

Nick Morris Dave Scott – Night In Da Room
Tell – I Lost 200€ In A Club
X Gets The Crest – Do Me So Bad
Javonntte – Citylights
Doug Willis – Skate Dancer (Dr Packer Remix)
LK – (I Wanna) Make Luv 2 U
Freudenthaler – For Clair (okoloDISKO)
Pierre Moritz – Eunuque Millionaire
Bas Noir – Shoe B Doo (Kerri’s jazzy mix)
Moomin – Maybe Tomorrow
Weiss (UK) – Feel My Needs
Dj Csemak – Common Place
Phonk D Trioritat – Another piano song
X Gets The Crest – Do Me So Bad (Groove Assassin Remix)
The Black Madonna – Alright This Morning (Original Mix)
Carlos Mena Hallex M – Oggun
DJ Spinna Phonte – Tonight We Ride (Louie Vega Remix)
D’Arabia – Key Lime (COEO Remix)
El Funkador – My Baby
Moon Rocket Funkatron – Face your love
Roog – Slerom (Old Skool Bump Mix)
Pete Heller – Big Love (Dr Packer Extended Remix)
Austins Groove – The Joint
Bobby Steve ft Byron Stingily – They Cant Understand It
Rhythm Staircase – Simple Song (DJ Spen Remix)
Riva Starr Tiger Stripes – Sound of the bettest
Sartorial Simon Kennedy – Get Up
Soul Vision – Lowdown (Classic Vocal)
Reelsoul – Hype and Fame (KidzBlock Instr)
Stacy Kidd – Electricity (Stacy Kidd House 4 Life Remix)

Soulful House Show 30th of May 2018

Angelo Ferreri – How Are You
DC LaRue – Cathedrals (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix)
Jonk Spook – A Love Like
Sammy Deuce Sebb Junior – Rare Groove Weapon
Fuminori Kagajo ft Stephanie Cooke – Taking Up Space (Kyle Kim Remix)
Hotmood – Good Old Days
The Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra – Black Sun (instrumental)
Re Tide Elisabeth – Keep The Fire Burning
S3A – Something More
Yves Rock – Boom 909
B JINX – Sho Nuff In Love
FAM Disco Andrea Smith – Reaching For The Stars
Samo – Let Me Know (Frankie Shakes Remix)
Scruscru Pasha Borisov – UR
Carolyn Victorian DJ Oji – Time To Bang Remixes (OjiNBuzz Soul Funky Vocal Mix)
David Anthony ft Byron Stingily – Free Life (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix)
Gianni Santoro Norbit Housemaster – Wansel
Matt Mclarrie – Jazz Kneecaps (Demuir’s Playboy Edit)
Mattei Omich Ella – From Generation To Generation
Mike Newman Antoine Cortez Janine Small – Higher (Super Drug Remix)

Soulful House Show 26th of May 2018

Kiu D – Good Luck (Fingerman remix)
SEL Gary Hudgins – The Sweetest Pain (John Morales M M Vocal Remix)
Alan Junior – Electro Funky
Dj Aakmael – Joust
Jestofunk Ft Jocelyn Brown – Special Love (Micky More & Andy Tee Jazzy Vocal Mix)
Anthony Fade – Same Tune (Andrés Remix)
Alan Junior – Before
Soulsearcher – Can’t Get Enough (Illyus & Barrentos Extended Last Boogie Mix)
Karizma – Forever Grateful (Rocco Rodamaal Venere Mix)
Chuck Roberts Monique Bingham – In The Beginning (There Was Jack)
Djeff Afrozila – Labyrinth
Junior Sanchez ft Saul Williams – Change to diet
Moon Rocket Funkatron – Face your love
Soul Vision – Lowdown (Classic Vocal)
Rhythm Staircase – Simple Song (DJ Spen Remix)
Thatmanmonkz ft Nikki O – Ooh Wee (Hamtramck Mix)
Reelsoul – Hype and Fame (KidzBlock Instr)
Robbie Rivera – Feel This (Robbie Rivera’s Original Mix)

Soulful House Show 2018-05-12

DJ Violette – You Want Me
Nicola Zucchi – Keep On (Stefano Amalfi Edit)
Dj Violette – Amel and I
CN Williams – Tonight’s The Night (Nu Disco Mix)
Kings of Tomorrow ft April Morgan – How I Feel (Sandy Rivera’s Classic Mix)
Option 4 – Breathe ft Rhimms
Hatiras – Charlie Corona (Angelo Ferreri Remix)
Delpezzo Sonick S – Chicago Revenge
Mark Funk Danny Cruz – Superlovin
Mazai – Forevermore (Angelo Ferreri Remix)
South Beach Recycling – Whistle Bump
Ism N Dinga Gaba Richard Earnshaw – Loop (N Dinga Gaba and Richard Earnshaw Remix)
DJ John Julius Knight – Find A Friend (Dr Packer Extended Remix)
Finest Wear Anita – Love is Deep
J Paul Getto – Prozac
Milty Evans Brian Boncher – Bounce Roll Jack
Used Disco – From inside
Yass LT Brown – Im Free (Remix Part1) (James Deron SoulVibes Remix)

Live on Urban Groove 2018-05-10

Terrence Parker – Love’s Got Me High (Marc Romboy’s Systematic Soul Mix)
Eartone – My Feelings ft Eider
DJ Violette – You Want Me
Paradise Garage – Track Two (Re Tide Re Grooved Mix)
Kings Of Tomorrow – Kaoz
Marissa Guzman & Andy Toth – Like A Feather (Kerri Chandler Mix)
Night Talk – Abomey
Colonel Abrams Stacy Kidd – Trapped (Stacy Kidd House 4 Life Remix)
Bonetti – Boogie Medicine (City Soul Project Remix)
DJ Koze – Pick Up (12″ Extended Disco Version)
Demuir – Forget It All
Dreamer G – I Got That Feelin (Josh Butler Remix)
Nocturnal DJ’s ft Backroom Congregation – Fall On Me (DJ Shaheer Williams & Dwayne Spen Richardson Backroom Mix )
Harry Romero – Dedication To House (Extended Mix)
Jungle Brothers – I’ll House You (Todd Terry Kenny Dope Remix)

Live Monday on Facebook 2018-04-30

Cheryl Linn – Got to be real
Bonar Bradberry – Loose Grip (Hold Tite)
Rio Edits – Rebound Groove
Makito – Disco Cop
Kerri Chandler – Coro (Dj Spen Kaoz Re Edit)
Mazai – Forevermore (Sebb Junior Remix)
Thatmanmonkz – Ooh Wee (ft Nikki O) (Extended Mix)
ANT LaROCK Michael Moog Cinnamon Brown – Live Ur Life (Ant Main Mix)
DJ Mes – Keep Hope Alive
Joe T Vanelli Project – Sweetest Day Of May (Knee Deep’s Vocal Hymn Mix)
Nathan Haines Shelley Nelson – Believe (The Layabouts Vocal Mix)
Demuir – Clap The Moment (of Enough) (Dub Mix)
Night Talk – Abomey
Dajae – Brighter Days (Angelo Ferreri Remix)
Joeski – Everybody Come On
Crew Deep – Tell Me A Secret
Demuir – Cess Feels So High (So Good)
Black Widow – House Is (Mike Dunn BlackBall Vokal MixX)
Mike Newman – I Can Take It
Pantalon – Luving Tonight
Enrico BSJ Ferrari – The Fiddles
Karizma – Outta Control (Original Mix)
Black Coffee – Gardens Of Eden ft Zonke (Sai & Ribatone Broken Home Mix)
Those Guys – An American Poem
Teddy Douglas pres Margaret Grace – See Line Woman (Vocal Mix)
The Best of Nina Simone – See Line Woman