Soulful House Show The Confinment Experience Phase 1

Weasel Disco – Ride On
Villes Wax – Jazzy Et Synthe (Kevin Yost Remix)
Nebraska – Xiao Long Bao
Shur I Kan – This Situation
Doc Martin Homero Espinosa – And The Beat
Jarred Gallo – Revive
Vincent Caira – 12 Inches
Risk Assessment Queen Rose – Dance With Me (Original Mix)
Alaia Gallo DJ Rae – I Will Pray
Roy Jazz Grant – Whisp
Monkey Brothers Shaun Escoffery Terry Hunter Mike Dunn – Losin My Head (House N HD Main Mix)
The Blackknight Susu Bobien – Truly amazing (Roland Clark re edit)
Greco (NYC) – The Box

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