That Soulful Show 29/08/2014

Recorded @ La Vague : possibily it is a wrong playlist…

Martello – What Can U Do (Original Mix)
Samma Lone – Comfort Zone
Lancelot ft Antony & Cleopatra – Givin’ It Up (Panda Remix)
Novecento – Day And Night (Morales Mix)
Lilac Jeans Kele B – C.C.C (Club Mix)
The Company – Superstar (Mark Di Meo Mix)
Montana & Stewart & Stephanie Cooke – Last Dance (Original Mix)
Music Freaks – HEY HEY HEY (Original Thick Mix)
H Justini Lokka – Love With A Stranger (Chujo’s Remix)
Kaylow – Nothing Better (Original Mix)
Lilac Jeans Lee – Life Goes On (Original mix)
MR KG – On to My Knees
Agent 818 – Life Of Wine (Original Mix)
Olivier Portal – Good Groove
The SyntheTigers – So Good

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