That Soulful Show 10-02-10 live on Groove Session


Emkyu – Gabrielle (Qualifide Remix)
Jemeni – No More Dating DJ’s 2010 Remixes (Jason B Remix)
Jersey Maestros ft Renee Smith – Shine On (The Maestros Original Vocal)
Sky Blue – Happily Ever After (Tony Loreto’s Spirit Sound Club Mix)
Soul Brothers ft Joi Cardwell – Let It Go (Original Mix)
Roland Clark – Lien On My Soul (Roland’s Testify Mix)
Rachel Claudio & Babas D – Butterflies (Ralf Gum Vocal)
Raffa & Toro – The Muck EP (Muck Main Mix)
Original Man – Reasons To Dance (Release)
DJ Gregory & Sidney Samson ft – Dama s Salon (Main Mix)
Natalie Williams – This is Rhythm (Dolls Combers Remix)
SuSu Bobien – You Don’t Know (MuthaFunkaz Tr
The Trak Godz ft Sheyi – Afro Godz (Alpha & Olmega’s African Roots Mix)
Marco Fracasso – Xiba Chant (Main Treatment)
DJ Sneak – U Can’t Hide From Your Bud 2010 Remixes (Original)
BSTC feat. JL – I Love It (KZRC (Main Vocal Mix)
The Suroh & Sandy Rivera – Sentimientos (Sandy Rivera’s 2010 Mix)
Milton Hamilton – Crystalized

4 thoughts on “That Soulful Show 10-02-10 live on Groove Session”

  1. Eric another beautiful mix. I’ve notice in these past few weeks that you’ve stated posting mixes on a regular basis. I cant remember when it was exactly but you did “slow down” posting mixes on your website for whatever reason. I’ll just like to say i appreciate the mixes you do, regardless of how frequently you post them. I think your doing a superb job in sharing soulful, vocal house music on the internet.


  2. I have a little more time to play good music, so… Let’s rock !

    I have some new live soulful projects under my elbow… But I’m looking some good places to do that. And it’s really really hard in the place where I live… Too much bozos clubs / Djs and too much commercial advertising for bad commercial electro bimbo house (Itunes top 10).

    So, life is a fighting project and while I’m not under earth, I will stay Underground promoting this way of life ! 😉

    Thank you for your support !

  3. It’s a pity you dont live in london, we can do with some dj’s that play “good” house music. We have the same problem in london, there are so many dj’s all playing the same “commercial house” music, after a while it gets boring listening to them.

    Anyway Eric as long as your doing what your doing i will always give you my support and appreciation.


  4. Hi Eric.

    It’s Enzo from South Africa. It’s been a while since i’ve posted comments on your site. Beautiful mix once again, love the selection. Nice to see that you are posting mixes more often these days. I share Nelse sentiments, even here in South Africa there are so many DJs all playing the same crap you hear on radio everyday.

    We need more people like you promoting the underground movement. I can’t even go to clubs anymore because i know that i’ll be listening to the same bad and boring commercial music.

    Keep up the good work my man.


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