That Soulful Show (January 25)

1. Martino – Cultured Girl – The Remixes (Kartino Suite Mix)
2. Viola – Little girl (Masters At Work & Pound Boys mix)
3. Solar House – Got 2 B U (Dennis Ferrer Eclipse Mix)
4. Lisa Mack – Where Do We Go (Spen & Thommy’s Spiritually Sound Vocal Mix)
5. Harry Choo Choo Romero – Mongobonix (Sax)
6. Martino – Dark Days EP (Chemtrails)
7. Mr.Mama & Mario Pagliari – Love Ep
8. Spenitch (DJ Spen) – Give Me Your Love Harley
9. So They ft Kenny Bobien – You (Harness and Spencer remix)
10. Track And Feel Events – Yes He Is (Original Mix)
11. Kindred the Family Soul – Rhythm of Lifeking (Britt Remix)
12. Track And Feel Events – Space And Time (Clear My Mind) (Original Mix)

2 thoughts on “That Soulful Show (January 25)”

  1. Sometimes you wonder why every week you tune in to Mr. TuXxl. Well this mix gives the answer straight away. Only got as far as mr. Choo Choo but I love it and this is why I keep on living the house dream.

    Thanx a lot and keep pls keep it deep.


    Protect the vinyl.

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