Biography : Dj Theo


From France, Theo is an eclectic artist that has produced music since his debut as a club and radio dj in 1992. Since 1999, he has been releasing tracks on the french label Bazoline, with original lounge-oriented tracks as well as other collaborations and remixes.

In 2004, he released his electronica ep “souk” on the net label Kahvi collective, which gave him the idea of starting the Nuchoon collective since at the time there were not many internet labels for djs.

When it comes to music, Theo does it all. House, breaks, electro, lounge… His live act ( dex n fx ) is constantly blurring the line between the live act and the dj, playing a neverending collage of his own productions and the live remixing of other artist’s tracks.

More infos about Theo on the Nuchoon Website and on Myspace.

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  1. Moving to Seattle and being disconnected from the REAL house music, I must say this site ROCKS!! I feel like I’m a house head again with some real house tracks with great vocal and musical Tracks. THANK YOU!

    Philly G from Seattle

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