Tribute to Will Reel Soul Rodriquez (Week 04)

Hello !

Sometimes, an artist is making music you really really apreciate and for me, Will is someone giving the best of soulful house music these days with nice vocals, big fucking basses and all the stuff wich are making dancers in the mood and Djs happy ! This man is Will Reel Soul Rodriquez !

I like to thanks all the Movin Entertainment team for their support !

1. Tyrone Ellis – Music In The Air (Reel Soul Deep Vocal Mix)
2. Brett Jackson & Orion feat Jade – Change (Reel Soul Vocal Mix)
3. Campsoul Ft Tanya Stephenson – Fallen (Reel Soul Main Mix)
4. Jon Cutler ft Michael Watford – Watcha Gonna Do (Reel Soul Vox)
5. Reel Soul – I get a feeling (Dj Will soul vocal)
6. EL – Walk Away (Reel Soul Main Vocal Mix)
7. Marlon D Feat. Stephanie Renee – I’m A Believer (Reel Soul Mix)
8. Dwele – I Think I Love You (Reel Soul Remix)
9. United People of Zion ft. DKP – Rok Da Funk (Reelsoul remix)
10. John Legend – Save Room (Will ”Reel Soul” Mix)
11. Miss Patty – Get Over It (Reel Soul Main Mix)
12. AG Thomas – The 1 2 (ReelSoul Mixes) (ReelSoul Vocal)


9 thoughts on “Tribute to Will Reel Soul Rodriquez (Week 04)”

  1. the man have know-how in making great music

    the first time i heard The 1 2 remix, about one year ago i got crazy listening to it many times in days so i got more attention more about his work, really worth stuff

  2. Nice mix mate, Wil knows the the score! Still can’t get get enough of ‘Dwele – I Think I Love You (Reel Soul Remix)’, such a good track. 8) Still playing ‘Music’ off the Friends Reunited EP on UK Basic, deep soulful goodness for everyone! 😀

  3. rodriquez whats up? I just found this website hidden in deep soul website and i listen to a mixes before yours. I’m listening to your mix as i’m writing you my comments. it makes me love the music when i here mixes like this thanks. I will love garage forever keep it up one love.

  4. TuXxl,

    I am writing from Australia. I heard one of your mixes on Motion FM and it rocks. You have inspired my faith back into soulful house. The crap they dish out down here on CD is pathetic. I spend some time on Juno records but still never get the kind of mixes you dish up. Nice work mate!

    Question for you…I am having trouble downloading the podcasts. Any advice on what I can do? It keeps sayin it can’t connect.

    Hope you can help,
    Jezza from down under!

  5. Great ! Majors companies are the problem. Without them, I think we could listen some more good music on radios and into supermarkets !

    In effect, there was a problem with a song name. I think it should work now. Try again and tell me if it is ok.


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