That Soulful Show Week 42 with RMS

This week, I’m receiving my friend RMS (Dj Nutella) from Paris :

Hanna Hais – Il ne parlait pas francais
Double -Desire (Francky Feliciano Remix)
Instinct ft Kenny Bobien – You Are My Friend
Yass feat. Jay – Give Me a Sign (Original Soulful Vocal mix)
Steal Vybe – Passion (Main mix)
Rawsoul Orchestra – Each and Everyday (Original Vocal Mix)
Reel People Feat. Jag – Second Guess (Grant Nelson Vocal Mix)
Ron Hall & The Muthafunkaz – The way U love me (vocal)
Yass – Irresistible (Classic Cut)
Soul Nuggets feat. Mel Candy – Nite & Day (Discorados Mix)
Could Have Been You (Lenny’s Orig) Lenny Fontana Feat Leee John
Fast Forward ft Beverly – Never Felt This Way (Soul Mix)
Justin Michael feat. Jackie Wilson – Ready For More (original mix)
Lisa Millett – Closer (PB Bonus Mix)


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3 thoughts on “That Soulful Show Week 42 with RMS”

  1. Luv…Luv..Luv..this vibe. I especially like the “you are my friend” and “second guess” joints. And of course my favorite Muthafunkas..wooo!!how smooth. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Detroit, MI

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