That Soulful Show Week 47 with Eric

1. Kerri Chandler – Digital Brazil
2. Kenny Carvajal – Life Is (Vocal Mix)
3. John Crockett – Mi vida en el sol
4. Blvd East Ft Rita Quintero – Quiero Saber (Blvd East Mix)
5. Atjazz Feat. Ernesto – Put it on
6. Kenny Carvajal – A Higher Place (Tea Party Vocal)
7. 111 First Street featuring Sec Bondi – See The Day
8. Donald O – Trust In Me
9. Kerri Chandler – Gotcha
10. the housemaster boyz – house nation (original 12in mix)
11. Mary Mary – The Real Party (Trevon’s Birthday) (Geoffrey C Remix)
12. Melchyor A – Tha quartet track (Original mix)

That Soulful Show Week 46 with Eric

1. T Kolai – Why (Extended Demo Mix)
2. Martin Landsky – A1 1000 Miles
3. Kerri Chandler – I Think of You (Love Sick Mix)
4. Club Artists United – Sweet Chariot
5. Midnigvht Express featuring Sabrina Johnston – Hallelujah
6. Marlon D – Coming to god (Raw mix)
7. Stevie Wonder & Bebe Winans & Marlon Winans – Jesus children (Quentin harris & Timmy Regisford remix)
8. Dj Pope & Lynette Smith – Can u feel the rhythm (h&amph vox)
9. Dennis Ferrer – The World As I See It (I Can’t Imagine)
10. Reggie Hall – Something better (Muthafunkaz vocal mix)
11. Anthony Hamilton – Ain’t Let You Go (DFA Vox Mix)
12. Sandy B – Feel Like Singing (Def Mix Remix)

That Soulful Show Week 45 with Eric

1. T.Kolai – Darfur Violins 4 Peace
2. Quentin Harris – Sunny (Instrumental)
3. Ralf GUM feat. Beate S. Lech – Warrior (Raw Artistic Soul Vocal Dub)
4. Kerri Chandler and Monique Bingham – In the Morning (Bigga Mix)
5. Baltimore Soul Tree – Hope In Your Soul 5ricanstruction Vocal Mix)
6. Arnold Jarvis – If I Stay (Main Mix)
7. Ronnie Ron – King Kong (Marlon D’s Touch Remix)
8. Kerri Chandler – The Promise (Original Mix)
9. Wookie feat. Lain – Live On (Mark Grant’s Blackstone Remix)
10. Tyrone Ellis – Music In The Air (Reel Soul Deep Vocal Mix)
11. Marlon D feat. Stephiane Renee – Greater Love (Vocal Mix)
12. Kerri Chandler Feat. Arnold Jarvis & Fonda Rae – You’re The Best

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That Soulful Show Week 44 with Eric

A Gospel mixshow with the help of the Gospel House Music website.
1. Dana Divine – Gospel Slide (Full Mix)
2. Connell Lewis & Cornerstone – Free (Free-T Liberty Mix)
3. Connell Lewis & Cornerstone – I Believe
4. Dana Divine – Sweet To My Soul
5. Connell Lewis & Cornerstone – R U Ready
6. Dawn Tallman – If You Wanna Testify (Original)
7. Dana Divine – I Testify
8. Dawn Tallman – Goin Up (Touch Tuesday Vocal)
9. Kurt Lykes – Yes Lord – Year of ‘da’ Unit Mix (Boo Williams & Glenn Underground)
10. Dihann Moore – True To Yourself (Dihann’s Funky Soul Live)
11. Keith Edwards – Our father
12. Nikos – Angels
13. Afro Jesus – Bring on the Spirit

That Soulful Show Week 43 with Eric

This week, we’ve got some new stuff & some old school stuff :

1. EL – Walk Away (Ron Carroll BMC Vocal Mix)
2. John Legend – Save Room (Will ”Reel Soul” Mix)
3. Nina Simone-Turn Me On (Tony Humphries main mix)
4. Ruffneck feat. Yavahn – New Life (Dj Spen’s Basement Mix)
5. Brothers’ Vibe – Revisited #3 (Like It Used 2 B)
6. Carol Williams – Love Is You (Emji’s Rollerscate Re-Edit)
7. First Choice – Doctor Love (Shep Pettibone Remix)
8. Bumblebee Unlimited – Lady Bug (Disco Mix)
9. Azoto – San Salvador
10. Kongas – Anikina O

An Old School Selection by Eric (TuXxL)

1. The Strikers – Bring Out The Devil
2. Evelyn Champagne King – If you want my lovin
3. Gap Band – Early In The Morning
4. Cecil Parker – Get on up
5. Leon Bryant – Just the way you like it
6. pockets – come go with me
7. Search – Is It Love For Now
8. Odyssey – Inside Out
9. Collage – Romeo Where’s Juliet
10. Lakeside – Keep On Moving Straight Ahead
11. Stephanie Mille – You Can Run From My Love
12. Gayle Adams – You Brought It On Yourself
13. Unlimited Touch – In The Middle

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That Soulful Show Week 42 with RMS

This week, I’m receiving my friend RMS (Dj Nutella) from Paris :

Hanna Hais – Il ne parlait pas francais
Double -Desire (Francky Feliciano Remix)
Instinct ft Kenny Bobien – You Are My Friend
Yass feat. Jay – Give Me a Sign (Original Soulful Vocal mix)
Steal Vybe – Passion (Main mix)
Rawsoul Orchestra – Each and Everyday (Original Vocal Mix)
Reel People Feat. Jag – Second Guess (Grant Nelson Vocal Mix)
Ron Hall & The Muthafunkaz – The way U love me (vocal)
Yass – Irresistible (Classic Cut)
Soul Nuggets feat. Mel Candy – Nite & Day (Discorados Mix)
Could Have Been You (Lenny’s Orig) Lenny Fontana Feat Leee John
Fast Forward ft Beverly – Never Felt This Way (Soul Mix)
Justin Michael feat. Jackie Wilson – Ready For More (original mix)
Lisa Millett – Closer (PB Bonus Mix)


Podcast [audio:]

Biography : Eric aka TuXxL

Eric also called TuXxL is living in south of France in a small town called Salon de Provence. It is a nice place for living, not far away from Marseille.

He’s working for the french government as a computer engineer. Out of the work, he is Djaying as a hobby (since 1987) playing Deep and Soulful house (because it rocks !)
He is also President and webmaster of a french soulful house community called Univers DJ wich is trying to promote soulful house the best as they can on with Djs, parties promoter, labels, records shops, hardware shops and soane… This website created in 2001 is the only french portal talking about soulful house.

Univers DJ

He is managing several webradios as a technical consultant (Univers DJ).
That Soulful Show is available on several FM, webradios and socials medias.

It is really pleasant to play and to meet all friends making this music all around the web and also in real life in clubs, but also in festivals like ‘Le Soulful Meeting’ or ‘Sunslice’ where Eric take place into the organisation.

Soulful house is not as popular as bad commercial house from majors companies, but “Let’s have a dream, that one day, world will be as soulful as in our houses !”
So playing into a club or for radios is always a great pleasure for TuXxL in making people discover what they are not listening usually…

That Soulful Show Week 41 with Eric

To my grandma : 19th of january 1919 – 12th of october 2006

Playlist :
1. Grampa – I Loved You
2. Ten City – My peace of heaven (East West)
3. Ibadan’s DJ Tools vol 2 Sampler feat T Kolai – 9 11
4. Franck Roger feat. Mr. V – Come Back To Me (Original Mix)
5. T Kolai – The Most High
6. Rocco – Heartbeat (Latin Floor Mix)
7. Swalo – Save Me (Original Version)
8. Colonel Abrams – Just When You Thought (Vocal Original Mix)
9. Darshay Jenkins – Tears
10. Master Kev & David “Vibes” Tobon feat. John Crockett – Twisted
11. Jovonn – Theme From Jovonn (Rave-N-Soul)
12. Franck Roger – Raise ur hands